• "Fuis ce qui est confortable.
    Oublie la sécurité.
    Vis où tu crains de vivre.
    Détruis ta réputation.
    Sois reconnu."

Bleu Nomade

For all of those with a strong sense of self


Handmade in Piedmont, Italy


Handmade in Piedmont, Italy


Handmade in Piedmont, Italy


Made in Grasse, France
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  • 120,00 CHF Pre-order

    Antares is a subtle blend of fragrances that are both enchanting and captivating. Bearing the name of one of the four royal stars of ancient Persia, this eau de parfum will transport you through time.

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    This product line is inspired by the great Viking invasions between the 8th and 12th century AD. The Vikings were true jewelry lovers, bringing a little glamor to their world. Silver jewelry was particularly popular and had a dual function; they would be used as a decorative item but also as a currency. Vikings were true conquerors claiming a rebel heart...

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  • 150,00 CHF In Stock

    The "Freedom" ring, not being entirely closed, embodies the freedom of nomadic peoples; to live at the pace you want, where you want, the way you want, without worrying about others.

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  • 129,00 CHF In Stock

    A tribute to chaos, an ode to life. Sterling silver 925 bead, oxidised 925 silver rings. Adjustable brown cord made of waxed cotton. Made by hand in Italy.

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