Bleu Nomade is the work of two brothers who strongly believe in the freedom of speech, who cultivate the love of beauty and animated by a desire of creating their own unique pieces. Being yourself is about showing up in the world with authenticity, telling your deepest truth and being proud of it. Bleu Nomade was built around the concept of « be here now » and « be your true self ». No acting, no pretending.


History, Art and Culture are the key drivers that inspire them in all their creations, giving true meaning to each piece and representing the quintessential masculinity. Because to men it is easier to communicate through Art; a Tattoo, a Jewel and a Fragrance express an emotion more than any word can.

Raw, bold, fearless.

"We exist to remind the wearer to follow his personal path, focus on what’s real & to stay true to himself. It's a kind of mantra. What we want is to inspire a way of living life to the fullest."

— Davide Calligaris