Antarès, the Eau de Parfum by Bleu Nomade

This fragrance is a mixture that we admire. To admire is such a strong word, yet hiding a feeling so simple, so human. To admire is to discover who we are. It's dreaming, thinking, imagining, contemplating, living. It's not so bad to admire, there is something humble and affectionate. I ask you what you admire, you will tell me, basically, who you want to be.

Admire, but do it too. The biggest pain of our time is speed, you know it. Everything is going fast, very fast. But it's not the speed that makes it beautiful. The more time and passion you devote to your project, the more it will be successful. That's why we took the time to develop this fragrance, despite the economic pressures of our time. Finally, here is Antares.

Antares is the name of a star signifying "as Arès" in ancient Greek, god of war. In ancient Persia, Antares was one of the four royal stars, guardians of heaven. You understand it easily, it is a synonym of strength, power and longevity.

What about the scent? We had a desire, that of creating a somewhat different perfume, powerful, not resembling the classic products. After long months of research, wandering almost, it is by mixing some woody notes, adding spices, that we had the famous "wow" that we expected. You can call it chance, accident, luck, basically, whatever. Antares is here, and we are pleased to offer it to you. A strong, powerful and timeless fragrance.

Sartre emphasized Baudelaire's "desire to be perpetually elsewhere". The scents can bring that feeling of travel. Our hope is that Antares knows how to make you travel, to the ends of the sky, where dreams come to life.

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