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  • The world's first care series specially for men was developed by Baxter Finlay in Beverley Hills in 1965. It included products such as skin toner, night cream, under-eye concentrate, soap rich in vitamins and shaving cream.

    Since 2000, Jean-Pierre Mastey has been shaping the future of the brand. It now shines in a new look, offering a variety of excellent products with further developed care formulae for all skin types.

  • Beardbrand is about a vision: To change the way society views beardsmen. The brand's mission? To foster style for urban beardsmen. Beardbrand was launched as a way to unite beardsmen and build a community. 

  • The "Bleu Nomade" concept was born in summer 2016, founded by two brothers. Andrea and Davide started working on the development their products. After almost 24 months of research, in collaboration with an italian jeweler, their first line came to life and hit the shelves in may 2018. The adventure continues the following year, with the extension of the line.

    Imagined in-house and produced in the small town of Valenza, Italy, these pieces are all hand-made, in the purest tradition of Italian jewelry.

    All the pieces are handmade in valenza, italy.

  • From the dreaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge and from boat races gliding past cricket pitches and polo fields, this sporty chic spirit has been the epitome of British style since Queen Victoria. This chic yet casual lifestyle and its occasional quirkiness was also a great inspiration for the "preppy" style that originated in the Ivy League universities on the east coast of the United States.

    It is this spirit, combined with its watchmaking DNA, that gives Briston its unique style. Working with innovative materials, such as cellulose acetate, and colours give Briston watches their distinctive look. Briston also offers the perfect balance between a contemporary "timepiece" and a chic accessory – casual but resolutely and thoroughly accessible.

  • The magazine, published twice a year, is divided into city-specific chapters. Each chapter comprises stories on places, people and products, paired with striking photography. An interlude section, included in every volume, features a selection of style and culture articles.

  • In the world of Miansai, curiosity and creativity are intrinsically intertwined in one always-evolving, artful journey. Miansai thrives on exploration, discovery, and the beauty of elevated design. “The world around us is our source of constant inspiration. Beauty exists in the smallest of details. Passionate, hands-on design and production turns found, raw input into refined and timeless statement pieces.” All Miansai designs are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials. Sourcing fine Italian leathers, pure precious metals, and custom-made marine grade ropes for their pieces— and obsessing over every detail.

  • Mizu is fueled by a love of travel & style. Their aesthetic infuses these passions into every single piece that is meticulously handcrafted in the Mizu studio, located in Connecticut. Mason founded his brand on his return from a landmark trip to Japan. And guess what? the brand is named after this experience, « Mizu » meaning « water ». To Mason, travels help men open their eyes to the world and provide unique experiences that can change their lives, break down barriers, unify people. That is the Mizu concept.

  • The story of MP Crafted Garments started in the year 1937 in the modest basement premises of Martin Pedersen’s grandmother. The entrepreneur began his career as a textile producer, against his father’s will. More than 75 years years later the same company still produces some of the best quality socks and knitted accessories in the world, meeting the demand of both style conscious gentleman as well as the trend spotting sneaker addicts.

  • With exemplary in-house production depth and consummate design Mühle has developed into one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving. A must-have!

  • Proraso is known by aficionados worldwide for its invigorating freshness and cult products. For over seventy years the Italian company has guarded its quality formula based on eucalyptus oil like a treasure; as a bequest to coming generations and wet shave enthusiasts.

  • From your watch to your phone, to the style of your shoes,to the bag on your shoulder. Your style is you, it’s in what you wear, where you go, who you know. Designed in New York, the Pryma cuff are made in Italy. The brand has partnered up with World of McIntosh and Sonus Faber. Besides a unique design, the Pryma cuff offer a superior listening experience.

  • Created in 1994, Pure Acoustics originates from 3 friends and their passion for sound. The lack of affordable audio speaker as well as their mutual skills has given the idea to embark on this adventure. More than 20 years later, Pure Acoustics is distributed worldwide in more than 40 countries.

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items