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Bleu Nomade

Amor Fati Necklace - Fire

New product

Amor Fati - or the love of fate - is about making the best out of anything that happens, no matter how challenging it is. Embrace your fate and reveal your inner truth. No compromise, no apology.

  • Material : Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in : Italy
  • Finish : Burnt

150,00 CHF

About the brand

The "Bleu Nomade" concept was born in summer 2016, founded by two brothers. Andrea and Davide started working on the development their products. After almost 24 months of research, in collaboration with an italian jeweler, their first line came to life and hit the shelves in may 2018. The adventure continues the following year, with the extension of the line.

Imagined in-house and produced in the small town of Valenza, Italy, these pieces are all hand-made, in the purest tradition of Italian jewelry.

All the pieces are handmade in valenza, italy.